「環境デザイン・環境計画」分野 教授・准教授公募/Open Recruitment for Professor or Associate Professor of Environmental Design and/or Environmental Planning


Open Recruitment for Professor or Associate Professor of Environmental Design and/or Environmental Planning, Department of Integrated Science & Technology for Sustainable Societies, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Chuo University


Department of Integrated Science & Technology for Sustainable Societies, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Chuo University





〒112-8551 東京都文京区春日1-13-27 中央大学 後楽園キャンパス



Content of job information
[Explanation of institution]
The Department of Integrated Sciences and Engineering for Sustainable Society is a newly launched department dating from 2013, dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people through transforming knowledge of science and engineering into practice in a wide range of human life situations. Areas of study and research include environmental design and conservation to realize harmonious development of humans and nature, development of resource circulation systems to support sustainable lives, visualization of thoughts and behaviors of humans through the application of sensing tools and information technologies, and promotion of human wellness through lifesaving technologies and biological statistics.

[Job details]
We expect a prospective faculty member to be involved in education and research in the field of Environmental Design and/or Environmental Planning in a broad sense. S/he is supposed to play an active role in performing inter-disciplinary collaboration and education. For this reason, applicants having experience and/or motivation in international collaborative research projects are highly appreciated.

In addition, it should be noted that specific subjects to be taught may change due to expected revision of academic curriculum. Especially, we expect that s/he should take initiatives in bilingualization of our academic courses.

[Address of work location and other information]
Korakuen campus of Chuo University, 1-13-27 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8551

[Available positions]
One slot for Professor or Associate Professor

[Starting date]
April 1, 2019


Applicants should fulfill the following criteria
-Motivation in research-oriented education on students
-Motivation in inter-disciplinary research and/or education
-Experience in international research projects
-Sufficient ability of Japanese and English for graduate school level education
-Motivation for designing and performing project-based learning


Salary will be determined according to the institutional labor regulations. Discretionary working system is adopted. Social insurance is available. Retirement is at the age of 70


(1) 履歴書(写真貼付、大学卒業後の学歴・職歴、 受賞歴、 所属学会を記載; 連絡できる電子メールアドレスを入れる)
(2) 研究業績リスト(有査読学術論文、著書、無査読学術論文、有査読学会紀要、招待講演、研究報告書、学会発表、その他)
(3) 主要論文別刷り(5編以内、コピーも可)
(4) これまでの研究概要(A4判1-2枚)
(5) 準備状況も含めた今後の研究計画(A4判1-2枚)
(6) 教育への抱負(A4判1-2枚)
(7) 研究費獲得状況
(8) 推薦状(1通)または応募者に関して所見を伺える方2 名の氏名・連絡先(電話番号・電子メール含む)

〒112-8551 東京都文京区春日1-13-27 中央大学理工学部人間総合理工学科 教授(公募担当) 檀 一平太 E-mail: dan@brain-lab.jp
封筒に 「人間総合理工学科教授・准教授応募書類」と朱書し、簡易書留郵送をお願いします。


〒112-8551 東京都文京区春日1-13-27 中央大学理工学部人間総合理工学科学科 
教授(公募担当) 檀一平太
E-mail: dan@brain-lab.jp

Application/selection/notification of result/contact details

[Application method]
Please send us the following documents.
(1) Curriculum Vitae including an ID photo, academic and vocational histories, awards, affiliated academic societies, and contact e-mail address.
(2) List of academic achievement (peer-reviewed papers, books, non-peer-reviewed papers, peer-reviewed conference proceedings, invited talks, project reports, conference presentation etc.)
(3) Five selected reprints of peer-reviewed papers (photocopies are acceptable)
(4) Description of research history (1-2 pages)
(5) Description of future research plan and its preparation (1-2 pages)
(6) Description of educational plan (1-2 pages)
(7) List of acquired research funds
(8) A recommendation letter or contact information for two reference persons (including phone number and email address).

[Selection process]
After screening over application forms, selected candidates will be interviewed directly or via Skype. Travel cost will not be provided.

[Contact details]
Application documents should be sent to the following address in a registered mail. Please indicate on the envelop with red letters, “Application form enclosed”

Ippeita Dan, Professor at Chuo University, 1-13-27 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8551
E-mail: dan@brain-lab.jp

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail.


Application deadline
The application must reach us no later than March 26, 2018.